Destruction Island
Destruction Island off the Kalaloch area Beaches
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coast, costing $85,000.

The walls taper from a thickness of four feet at the bottom to 18-inches at the top, and is sheathed in metal that was fitted and bolted together. It's 115 steps up the spiral staircase to the top. A small tramway was built to transport supplies from the dock to the top of the island. The light was automated in 1968.

Today, Destruction Island is a U.S. Fish and Wildlife sanctuary. Its beaches are crowded with seals and sea lions, and it's populated by bald eagles, nesting seabirds, shrew moles, that are unique to the island, and rabbits. The rabbits, some as large as 15-20 pounds, are descendants of pets reportedly kept by one of the lighthouse keepers' daughters.