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Rialto Beach
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Mora Campground and Rialto Beach
K.O. Erickson, who came to La Push in the 1880s, built a trading post at Boston, in 1900.Later he named it Mora for his birthplace in Sweden.By the .1920s, a thriving community with a hotel, dance pavilion, store and cabins existed at Mora and Rialto Beach. Most of the buildings burned at different times in the 1930s.

Ships wrecked on this coast long before the white man came. Chinese junks now live only in Indian legend. A 3.0 mile hike north of Rialto Beach is Cape Johnson. On the way, you pass the Chilean Memorial, which marks the common grave of the 20 Chilean crew members, including the captain, his wife and baby son. They died when the W.J. Pirrie crashed against Cape Rock in 1920. Nearby, the chilean bark Lenore was wrecked in 1883. Four and a half miles north of the cape is the Norwegian Memorial, which commemorates the three-master bark prince Arthur, which ran ashore on 1903. two survived and 18 were lost.

More Information can be found at the Visiting Mora and Rialto Beach page of the National Park Service